Friday, July 11, 2008

Sons of Hal: Origins

It all started with a small desire from a couple of us to start drawing more. It's a good practice that can only help the skill set. One night, a few of us met up at Xhedos and had our first drawing get-together. We got into this discussion about Colossus and how utterly awesome he is. Well, needless to say, everyone drew their own Colossus that night and Colossus Club was born. Our plan was to get organized and to start drawing a bunch of Colossus' all the time.

Needless to say, this went on for some time. Xhedos ended up closing and we moved diggs to the Borders on Woodward. They have a giant graphic novel section. Well, with all of these books around us, ZERO drawing was getting done. We were just looking at the graphic novels every time we went up there. This lead to a great discovery though; by us always looking at the books, we stumbled upon a character that we all had a greater common love for than any other character... even Colossus. THE GREEN LANTERN!

Anyways, we realized that Colossus had been eclipsed and thus the Sons of Hal was born.

Since then, our numbers have grown significantly and Colossus has regained his reign as group favorite, so we sometimes call it Colossus Club again.

Since the Sons of Hal are so damned prolific, we made this blog to show all of the awesome sketches that we produce every wednesday night, whether it be at Borders , or in my basement. The Sons of Hal are a friendly bunch. However, there is one rule to Colossus Club.

The first rule of Colossus Club:

If it's your first night at Colossus Club....



Ryan C. Lee said...

That about sums it up. You did forget to mention gorging ourselves on food prior to each event.

shon said...

i think being tired from eating is more of a distraction than anything else...but im a fatty and im not going to miss a meal.

sarmel said...

How come I don't see any sketches yet?

Adult Braces said...

You guys need to start posting them. Show us somethin!